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About Us


   MD Management Ltd is a successful and reliable partner in the field of clinical trial administration. The company balances between patient satisfaction, partner organizations and the young team.

MD Management Ltd offers to its partners:

❖ Conduct clinical trials in full compliance with the relevant Study Protocol; following the guidelines of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) from the International Synchronization Conference (ICH); observes the laws and regulations of Republic of Bulgaria and the written instructions of the client.

❖ Quality and prompt administration of the start-up documentation.

❖ Successfully using pre-selection process of study participants, helping for fast recruitment and enrollment of maximum number of patients, at the same time not compromising with the provided high quality.

❖ Conducting a single study in parallel at all centers with which the company operates, which provides a large patient database and amount of sponsor data.

❖ Highly maintained documentation of all kinds (patient files, temperature logs, medication reporting forms, etc.).

❖ Timely reporting and registration of adverse events to the Sponsor / CRO.

❖ Maintaining comprehensive contacts at all levels with modern office equipment.. Ability for quickly and reliably access to data and information for each clinical project.

❖ Provides access for revision to all regulatory authorities and organizations entitled to request it.

❖ Conducts regular and timely trainings for all medical and coordinating staff.